Saturday, January 29, 2011

High Expectations Asian Father

HEAF's funny because it's true.

lmao this has definitely happened to my sis.
you mean not everyone does this?


LOL this is hilarious. Just the other day I was telling my mum I was going to take Spanish lessons from a private tutor and that I had to go to her house for the lessons. Her first reaction was "Don't drink anything she offers you while you're there, you don't know what may be in it, YOU GON GET RAEPED!!!!!!!11111"


Monday, January 24, 2011

Dog In A Wig

I was cruising around town when I spotted this little fella on the street corner looking to make a quick buck or two.

Shanghai surprise.

After politely telling him no, I wasn't in the market for an escort, we had a small heart-to-heart session. He told me he was actually a struggling musician hoping to sign on to a major label.

Despite encountering many obstacles, he remains optimistic about the future.

 I asked if he was in an emo band. That seemed to offend him.

'Are you an emo?'

"We're straight up gangster rap, yo!" he said and stalked off with a flick of his hair.

Feeling a bit sorry for him, I called after him and reached for my wallet and that was when I realized my wallet was missing! The little bastard must have lifted it! I tried to find him but he had vanished like a fart in the wind...

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Team Stedan!

Oh shit... I'm totally addicted to Hollyoaks. Well, not the entire show but Ste and Brendan's storyline. A very kind Youtuber has uploaded the entire storyline and I can't stop watching! I love the character of Brendan Brady and Emmett Scanlan really does a good job playing him. Despite the comically villainous 'stache he's just such a charismatic character with a bit of darkness to him and that somehow just draws you in. You can see why Ste is hopelessly in love with and can't stop running back to him despite how Brendan used to treat him like crap and was 'as locked away [in the closet] as the crown jewels'.

Unfortunately, the last we saw of them, the 2 were breaking up as Ste's beard, Rae, was pregnant. But even the break up was effing hot like burning.


The two actors have so much chemistry together, I really hope this isn't the end of their relationship.

I have to say, I quite enjoy Britzeee as well, it brings the lulz. 'I like your moustache but you need a beard.'

Clip In Bangs from

So I was looking around Gmarket and bought this clip in bangs from GirlHairdo on a whim. It looked pretty easy to use from the video so I was really excited to get it, cause somehow I can never get my bangs to look thick enough.

It finally arrived yesterday.

do u liek my new hair lol

The quality is ok but it's quite obvious that is not my real hair. My 4 year old cousin wandered over and saw me with it on and immediately asked me 'what's on your head? so funny.' I proceeded to remove it in front of him and acted like I was in great pain so now he thinks I just suddenly lost a chunk of hair. My mum says he was pretty freaked out lol. I asked him to help me get his mum to donate some hair to me but he refused and asked me to get it from the maid.

Kids these days...

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Shiseido Anessa Perfect Sparkle Sunscreen aka Best Sunscreen EVER!

I've finally found the perfect sunscreen for me!

Sometimes I can't be arsed to put any make up on, well except for some concealer, and I'd just slap on some sunscreen and leave the house. But about 2 hours later, my face would get super greasy. I felt like Severus Snape. And I didn't want to keep blotting as I heard that it just makes your face produce more oil and you'd just end up having to blot more and more.

But now with this sunscreen, my face stays almost completely shine free for the entire day! I don't even have to blot once. And it's SPF 50, so it provides longer lasting protection against the sun. It's very easy to spread so each time you only have to use a small amount.

The only negative thing about it I guess would be that you have to remove it with a make up remover, which can be a bit of a hassle if you're lazy like me lol.

A 60ml bottle costs $57, a little bit on the expensive side. But just get it at one of Metro's 20% discount storewide sales and you can knock about $10 off the price. I'd say that it's definitely worth the price!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Tea With Jay Chou

The weather's been so horrible lately. It has been raining EVERY. FUCKING. DAY. But I guess I really shouldn't complain, especially when places like Brazil and Australia are facing horrible floods due to the rain. What's with the weather? Is the end of the world really coming in 2012?

Anyways because of the weather, I've been too lazy to do anything. But my tummy was grumbling in protest so I searched through the cupboards for anything edible, anything that didn't require too much cooking and this was the result.

Waffles with peanut butter and a cup of milk tea, endorsed by Jay Chou! The tea was a little too sweet for my tastes but I liked the bits of nata de coco in it. Thanks BFF for giving this "周杰倫的奶茶" to me lol.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Photography Post!

Click for full size on Flickr :)

Flowers from Ikea

Flowers from Ikea

Random Post

What I wore today :)

Yes, that is indeed a Pokemon poster in the background. I've been procrastinating replacing it for 10 years lol. And that MCR calendar is also 3 years old.

Dress + Blouse: Dip Drops
Socks: Vivienne Westwood
Shoes: Nine West

Other random crap:

Playing with my NEX. Night view:

Little J
Chilling out, watching me watch him.

Also, this tweet from Piqué is hilarious.

After Puyol tweets 'good night' to Cesc:

Translation: To Puyol & Cesc - You've forgotten me again! Nobody is saying good night to me or what???

I legit lol'd irl when I read this. #complotGP episode 2 maybe?

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Club At Marina Bay Sands

To celebrate the arrival of 2011, the four of us decided to splurge a little and visit the new Chocolate Bar at Marina Bay Sands.

From MBS' website:

By 8 pm every evening, The Club at Marina Bay Sands takes dining to a whole new level with Singapore’s first Chocolate Bar, some 57 stories above ground. This full-blown chocolate buffet will offer 57 chocolate-themed items, crafted by hand with Valrhona chocolate and created by executive pastry chef Alejandro Luna and his team. The Chocolate Bar, which retails at S$38++ per person, will be available to the general public as well. Reservations are required at +65 6688 8858. 

Reservations are definitely necessary, I don't think they take walk-in customers. The place was not anywhere near filled when we left at 10.30pm but I saw people getting turned away at the door, they were told that the place was fully booked.

The bar is open till 11.30pm but you can stay till 12.00am to chat and enjoy the beautiful views of either the city skyline or the sea behind.

No, that is not dim sum... there's some kind of chocolate in it.

Artistic, no? :P
Some tea to go with the chocolate. You can also choose to have hot chocolate, if you can stomach it.

The chocolate is not exactly to die for, but it's good enough. You can't really have too much of it though. I have a sweet tooth but I got a bit sick of all the chocolate after a while. The service was good... when you were able to get it. Seriously, I had a hard time getting the server's attention any time I needed something. And you had to call them otherwise NO ONE bothered to clear the plates! This is a buffet, I don't think it's too much to expect the plates to be cleared after you were done. At one point, I saw a guy with four used plates stacked next to him. Isn't this supposed to be a 'high class' sort of place?

I definitely recommend going to try it at least once. If you're thinking of paying $20 to go up to the SkyPark, why not consider paying an additional $20 to have a comfy seat and enjoy all sorts of chocolate themed food items over a coffee or tea while taking in the view.

After eating, you could jump in the pool and work off those calories...

lol j/k don't do that, security will probably throw you out. I think the pool is only for hotel guests. Anyway, you could still sit by one of the benches next to the pool, the views are impressive.

However, it was raining heavily just before I went so it was seemed slightly foggy. Just look at the poor palm tree with only 2 leaves left!

Bonus picture, Little J on NYE!

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