Saturday, April 5, 2014

Life reduced by 10 years


So last month my mum gave me this heart diamond necklace to match the ring she got me for my 21st birthday (thanks, mum!). Last week, I wore it out as I have done nearly every day since I received it. As I returned home, I was in the lift, checking my reflection (as one does when there is nothing better to do) in the lift's mirror, and to my horror my neck was bare; the necklace was gone! It probably fell off cause it wasn't properly clasped.

I felt my whole body going numb. I was in so much shock I couldn't even bring myself to cry. When I told my mum, who was with me at that time, that it was lost, I could barely get the words out. My voice going pathetically small.

Immediately, my mind went over all the places I had been earlier, and when was the last time I had seen the necklace and where it could have possibly dropped. But I knew it was a lost cause, even if we retraced our steps, it was highly unlikely that we would find it. If someone picked it up, they would have pocketed it. And who could blame them? It's not like it had something on it that would help the person return it to its owner. Even if the person was someone really honest who gave it up to the police, what could the police do? I was never going to see it again. $2,000 down the drain.

In desperation, I pulled at my shirt and looked down, hoping against hope that the necklace was somehow still there, caught against my bra or something. And guess what, it was really there! It was right between my boobs lol. I can't even begin to describe the tremendous relief I felt at that moment.

I have to thank my lucky stars (and my boobs) for this. Now I check at least 3 times that the necklace is properly clasped before I go out. It's kinda stressful, really. #fwp
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