Friday, July 5, 2013

MGM Grand Sanya (Hainan)

Sharing some pics of my stay at MGM Grand Sanya back in April :)

Beds are not as comfy as Sheraton's beds (duh) but chose to stay at the MGM as it was one of the newer hotels. Also, the cab driver had no idea what I meant when I said "MGM hotel," I had to give him the Chinese name of the hotel. I would have thought it was easily understood since MGM is just like alphabets put together?

The hotel's private beach. Sounds so posh, amirite? Each of the hotels along that strip on Yalong Bay has its own private beach. In fact, I think you actually have to pay to enter the beach on Yalong Bay, not unusual in Sanya, where you have to pay for practically everything. Pay to enter an attraction, pay more to use a facility in the attraction, you get my drift. But you can avoid paying by strolling into one of the hotels and entering the beach through the hotel.

Sunset from the room.

Went out to La Floret, the only mall within walking distance of the hotel, for dinner.

Pork (?) dumplings.

Ordered pork dumplings but it tasted and smelled like mutton? Did not want it to go to waste so just ate it and prayed it wasn't dog meat or something lol.

Nothing except a supermarket and restaurants in La Floret, so went back to the hotel after dinner.

Anyone fancy a late night dip in the sea? ;)

Next morning, my favorite part about staying in a hotel, the breakfast buffet!!!

Mmmm, carbs...

2 of my favorite things, waffles and pancakes, right next to each other. I gasped. The waffles were heavenly. And they even had CINNAMON BUTTER to go along with it. *crying* I need to have this again :'(

WTF they even had my favoritest dessert ever, bread pudding, are they trying to kill me? Most perfect breakfast buffet EVER! I think I ate a whole week's worth of breakfast here.

The stay cost about $300 a night but I think it's highly worth staying for at least one night. It was the highlight of the trip for me. Everything else was meh in comparison.
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