Thursday, February 23, 2012

Last Day in Seoul - Bulgogi Brothers, Tom N Toms, Baskin Robbins

welp it's been about 2 months since I've returned from Seoul and I'm only now uploading the last of my pictures oop @ me.

Well anyway, since our flight was leaving seven in the evening, we had some time to kill before that so we just walked around Myeongdong for the last time :'(

Cute car all bundled up against the cold weather.

Apparently all tourists order this when they visit.
The staff grilled the meat at the table for us.

We had lunch at Bulgogi Brothers and it was the best meal we had for this trip! At first I was worried that we had over-ordered and there was too much meat but once the staff had cooked the beef to perfection and cut it up for us to eat... just wow. The taste, aroma and chewiness of the beef, it was just fantastic. One of the best beef I've ever had.

Dessert at Baskin Robbins. Some new flavor for the holiday that I forget the name of.

Last meal before flying off. Some tea at Tom N Toms!

Honey thick toast. The whipped cream was actually really light and fluffy, love it!
Sweet potato latte, again! Did I mention that I love this?

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Day 8 - Yongpyong Resort

We had initially planned to go to Muju Resort cos it looked prettier in pictures. But calling the ski bus company to book a seat on the bus proved to be a bitch and a half. I got hung up on the moment I said "Good morning. Sorry, do you speak English?" Like just a long pause, and then nothing. And this happened not once but thrice!!! What a waste of my international calling card! So I resigned to asking the front desk at the hotel for help when I arrived in Seoul.

BUT then I was told that there was no such bus to get to Muju Resort! WUT. It clearly states that there is one on their website? w/e I was just done at that point, so the front desk staff suggested that I book one of the tours to Yongpyong Ski Resort. I was kinda leery, were they just saying there was no such ski bus just so I would book the tour with them so they could get some commission or something? But *sigh* what could I do, I can speak/read zero Korean and had no one else to help me. Had to bite the bullet...

The day of the ski trip, the tour guide met us at the lobby at 8 am, picked up a few other people from other hotels in the area and then we were off on a 3 hour ride to Yongpyong Resort!

First glimpse of snow!
It was not a very cold day, in fact after skiing for a while I felt so warm that I abandoned my ski jacket. Also I tried to ski without gloves but that turned out to be a very bad idea indeed.
The goggles which the guide insisted that everyone rented (he made it seem like we would all get snow blindness if we didn't get them), turned out to be super unnecessary and more of a hindrance than anything.
It was a hot day tbh.
Ski lifts which I didn't get a chance to take, we were only on the beginner slopes.
Team Singapore! Lulz.

Skiing was... not as fun as I thought it would be. The times when I was actually skiing down the slope was fun but it was also short. But it was a lot of work to climb up the slope with the skis on before you could actually ski down. And if you fell and had to take off the skis, it was really hard to attach the skis back on! And the guide disappeared after a while and I had to put the damn things on myself which took way too much effort. Oh well, at least now I can say I've tried skiing.

Also, this is the first time I've been to a ski resort, I've always imagined that they would be waaaaay bigger.

The way back to Seoul, the views were stunning.
Back in Seoul at around 7pm and had Two Two Chicken and a drink from Smoothie King for dinner.
Half original and half with pepper sauce, I really love Korean fried chicken.
For supper we had waffles from the Lotteria downstairs since it was opened for 24 hours, so convenient!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Day 7 - Gamoo Cafe & Nami Island

Breakfast at Gamoo Cafe in Myeongdong.

Vienna coffee
Caramel Mocha
Free cakes to go with the drinks we ordered!

Got a bit distracted by the shops on the way to Nami Island so it was a little late by the time we reached. It took about 2 hours to travel iirc. Still, there was quite a number of people there including a tour group from Hong Kong.

UNICEF train
Dakgalbi. When it arrived I thought it was going to be super spicy and it just looked so unappetizing to me. But after trying it I was pleasantly surprised, it was really good!

Descending into darkness...

AHHHHHHHHH a scene out of the Blair Witch Project

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