Thursday, March 29, 2012

Paris Day 1 - Hotel Niel & Chanel Avenue Montaigne

Have been wanting a Chanel for a while now but since the recent price increases (yes, plural!), the prices here in SG have become even more atrocious than ever. The price in Paris is more than SGD1000 less and that is NOT even accounting for VAT refund! Figured that I might as well use the SGD1000+ I'll be saving by buying from the Paris store rather than the SG one to take a short trip in Paris.

Landed in Paris at around 2.00 pm and immediately headed off to the hotel to drop our bags. I wanted to book Hotel de Rouen, the hotel which we stayed in the last time we were Paris, but I couldn't contact the hotel, even after trying both emailing and calling them. So we stayed in Hotel Niel in Ternes, which was pretty close to Champs-Élysées. The rates were pretty good, about EUR90 per day, and the rooms were pretty good for a 3-star hotel. Apparently the walk-in rate is EUR190 for a twin room.

3 beds! Rach, wish you were here lol.

The bathroom was pretty big, too, for Paris standards anyway. But one major gripe was the lack of a shower curtain for the bathtub! It's something so cheap and easy to install, but it makes such a huge difference. When we wanted to take a shower in the morning, we had to take special care to try not to have too much water splash out to prevent the place from flooding.

View outside the room.

Once we put our luggage down, it was off to hunt for some Chanels! First stop was the rue Cambon store, since there were 2 other Chanel stores nearby in case the store didn't have what we wanted. And guess what, NONE of the stores had what I wanted, it was sold out everywhere apparently, CURSES *shakes fist*

Some sights on the way...

Went to the newly renovated Avenue Montaigne store to try our luck...

As expected, they didn't have it either. In the end, after much deliberation in the store and 'help' from the SA (I say 'help', cos I ended up spending a lot more than I intended to, the SAs were actually really nice!), decided to get a classic item instead.

My first Chanels: Reissue 224 and a small Classic Flap \o/

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Survivor: One World

Never has an episode of Survivor been so aptly named. Bum puzzled was exactly how I felt after watching the latest episode of this train wreck. At first I was laughing so hard after Alicia failed so hard at the puzzle in the challenge and caused Salami (teehee I'm so mature) to lose. And this was right after all the drama she caused when she felt Kat was implying that she was no good at puzzles when they received tree mail. I was frothing at the mouth in excitement at the mere thought of seeing Alicia finally gone from my TV when suddenly, Manono decided to give up immunity and go to tribal instead. WHAT. THE. FUCK.

I mean, ok, so Colton couldn't stand the sight of Bill, it wouldn't be the first time on Survivor that someone wanted a tribe mate gone just because they hated them, but why was it so imperative that they had to get rid of him that very day? They couldn't wait till the next time they lose a immunity challenge? And then that old coot Tarzan who looks like he has an IQ of 65 made things even more confusing by making a whole speech about how someone has broken the pact made and now they had to go to Tribal immediately to make him pay, and turns out he was talking about Leif and not Bill? He's like in his own world out there.

Even more bum puzzling is how the whole of Manono is listening to Colton now. Just a few days ago he was on the outs with the tribe, ostracizing himself because he wanted to be one of the girls and basically doing shit all around camp. But now, just because he has the hidden immunity idol he's like the king of the tribe. Unbelievable how they just went along with his decision that they should give up immunity, that is the dumbest move anyone could ever make and I bet it comes back to bite them in the ass.

And I can't believe Leif just stood there and let Colton call him a 'munchkin' and an 'Oompa Loompa'. How fucking offensive.

Bill and Leif should have tried to form a new alliance with Mike, Jay and Jonas to try and blindside Colton, they seem like the only sane ones tbh.

And I loved what Bill said after he was eliminated "He judged me because of my differences and I accepted him because of his." Such a classy guy, really didn't deserve to be voted off. And from the preview, it looks like they will be (predictably) switching tribes, so he could have survived a few more days if the tribe hadn't so stupidly given up immunity, gosh I am still not over it.

So pissed off but it was good television.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Share Tea Menu Singapore

One of my fave bubble tea shops! Uploaded cos I'm always googling for the menu and nothing turns up.

Click for full size :)

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