Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Tori King @ 100 am Amara Hotel

Opening hours

At first I thought that this ramen place was just another branch of the one at Orchid Hotel. We wanted to dine at this place since it was a pretty hot day and we thought that at least this branch would have air conditioning, seeing as it is in a shopping centre.

But turns out that although the restaurant is also owned by Keisuke Takada, it specializes in chicken based ramen with a broth made from chicken parts and vegetables. That's why this outlet is called TORI King and the other one is TONKOTSU King. Like duh, Becca. Can't believe I only realized it there.

Like Tonkotsu King, they have a pretty standard menu (ramen with a chicken drumstick) but you get to choose the soup base - chicken broth, black spicy (black pepper) or green spicy (wasabi).

I actually liked this one better than the Tonkatsu cos you get both a chicken drumstick and a slice of pork. I never finish the broth served with ramen, my bowl usually still looks pretty full when I'm done, but not this time. I finished nearly the whole content. It was that good. I did hear several people commenting that it was too salty though, so ymmv.

According to a sign on the table, the ramen is high in collagen so you will wake up the next day with beautiful skin. Even more reason to have it again.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Hoshino Coffee @ Plaza Singapura (星乃珈琲店)

Hoshino Coffee
My order... lol

Came across this place when I was shopping for some clothes for work at Plaza Singapura. The tantalizing display of the menu items on the table at the entrance of the cafe definitely caught my attention.

Although it was about 2.30pm when we got there, the place was packed and it had a line of people outside waiting to go in. But we were seated in about 10 minutes and our food arrived quickly once we were seated. There were quite a number of Japanese families and couples dining there so we knew that this place had to be good.

Hoshino Coffee
Interior of the restaurant.
Hoshino Coffee
Service button so you can easily get the attention of the servers.
Hoshino Coffee
Pot-Baked Curry Rice ($15)
Hoshino Coffee
Double Pancake Souffle ($12)
Hoshino Coffee
Blended tea with milk ($6.80)

We ordered the pancake souffle that they are supposed to be famous for (observed that nearly every table had ordered this item) and the server informed us that it would take 40 minutes to be ready and asked if we would be ok with them starting to make it first.

The pot-baked curry rice was one of the best curry rice I've had. The curry was thick and flavorful and had a nice, beefy aroma and it tasted even better once we mixed the runny egg yolk on top in. I liked that they baked and served it in the pot as it kept the rice piping hot.

The blended tea was a nice little palate cleanser before the highly anticipated pancake souffle came. However, it tasted like a typical red tea, not much to rave about, so I felt it was slightly overpriced.

Finally, it was time for the pancakes. My mouth was watering at the mere sight of it, I couldn't wait to sink my teeth into it.... and it did not disappoint. It was light and fluffy, kinda like a souffle, but not as soft and creamy since I guess it is supposed to be a fusion of the two. But it was perfect. Although the maple syrup given was pretty pathetic, it didn't matter cos the pancake souffle was already pretty damn good on it's own. I really like the whipped cream on top, it tasted kinda buttery and went well with the pancakes.

Despite being seated in a corner, service was really attentive with the servers clearing our tables whenever we were done with the food, bringing us side plates and new utensils and filling our iced water. Definitely plan on revisiting soon.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Waffle Set from CreaTeaf Waffles @ The Cathay

Banana Chocolate Waffle with Cookies N Cream ice cream
Rooibos Tea Latte

The waffle set ($12.50) comes with choice of any waffle (sweet or savory) and drink from the menu.

Ngl, it was the picture of the latte with the little elephant on top which attracted me into the restaurant. But I was glad I decided to give it a try cos the waffle was so good!

Maison Kayser Breakfast Croissant Set

Maison Kayser Breakfast Croissant Set
Croissant Set - Croissant and Pain Au Chocolat

Maison Kayser Breakfast Croissant Set
Special Croissant Set - Croissant and choice of viennoiserie (chocolate/raisin/apple)

Maison Kayser Breakfast Croissant Set
Each set comes with choice of coffee or earl grey tea :) The little pastry thing that came with the tea was pretty awesome.

Each set cost about $10 with the special croissant set costing about $1 more.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Makisan @ The Cathay

Menu / Order Form:

Mega San with white rice.
Little San with Brown Rice

This place is a nightmare for indecisive people like me tbh, there's just so many choices!! You have to choose everything from the wrap to the type of rice to the sauce and the sprinkle... But I thought it was a pretty novel idea, letting people customize their sushi.

Luckily they have forms for you to take so you can take your time deciding what combination you want for your sushi and then hand it in to the staff who will then make the sushi for you. I was afraid that it would be like Subway, where you stand in line and tell the person what you want in your sandwich, that would take forever lol.

The box the sushi came in was so pretty! I almost couldn't bear to throw it away, seems like such a waste. The ingredients used also seemed to be of pretty good quality so I thought it was worth the price.

Wish they will open more outlets soon, since I rarely go to The Cathay.
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