Sunday, July 31, 2011

Balenciaga Anthracite Rose Gold Giant Hardware Day

Can't believe I bought another Bal just four months after I got my first one, what's wrong with me?!

Part of my internal debate:

"Girl, no, you don't need another bag."

"But I don't have any nice bags that I can fit comfortably over my shoulder."
 "You should just save the money for a vacation in December. I repeat, you don't need a new bag!!"

"But there's going to be a price hike next season, and I'm probably going to end up buying one anyway, might as well do it now? Amirite?"

"You promised yourself that the Giant City was going to be the last expensive bag you buy! And you barely use some of your bags as it is."


"Really, the money would be better spe... Hey, put that credit card back in your wallet!"

So ya, after much deliberating, I finally decided to just go ahead and place an order with Balenciaga's London store. I was afraid to buy through mail order as you don't get to inspect the bag beforehand and make sure the leather is to your liking. And Bal's leather and colour saturation can vary a bit, even within a single season! But once I set my heart on something, it's like I can't do anything else until I finally get it so I was like fuck it and hit Send on the email containing my CC details.

I placed my order on Sunday and this was waiting for me when I got home from work on Thursday evening...

The SA gave me some perfume samples, sweet!
Oops why is this so bright?!

Gahhh I'm really happy with my purchase. Since they only had one of this bag with this colour and hardware, I didn't get to choose, but the SA assured me that it was from the draw and not a display piece.

And buying through mail order costs about the same as buying from the London store itself, even after adding shipping costs, and the bag comes to you in a box, I love it!

Pictures with my bag, will update with more :3

With white top.
With blue top.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Day 5 - Jeju: Yeha West Course Tour

As this was our first time in Jeju and we were afraid that it might be hard to get around on public transport, we decided to join Yeha Tour for fuss-free travel. I think it might be cheaper to just rent a cab for the day, especially if there's more than 2 people in your group. But the tour was pretty good and informative and covered all the places we wanted to see.

First stop of the tour was Hallim Park.

The guide immediately brought us to the lava tube which was the most interesting part of the park. Apparently Hallim Park is THE place to visit if you have limited time in Jeju and want to see a bit of everything.

Very pretty white peacock! It kept following the female around and flaring out its feathers to get its attention.

Next up was O'Sulloc Tea Museum, as a green tea lover, I was very excited to visit this place.
The cafe.

Enjoying green tea products in the middle of a field of green tea lol.

Next we had lunch and then proceeded to Cheonjiyeon Waterfalls.

Enjoying a dessert by the falls.

In the souvenir shop.

Saeseom (Sod Island)

Perilous climb to the top... Almost fell here numerous times! :S
Many people were like fuck the barricades and just ventured out and sat on the edges of the rocks.

Some women picking something down by the rocks.
Yakcheonsa Temple.

I like this pic!
Lotus lamps.
Last stop: Jusangjeolli. According to the guide, in the past, many people in Jeju were very miserable and many people came here to commit suicide. At night, it is said that the ghosts of those people are said to haunt this place.

Here, the tour ended and we requested to be dropped off at the Teddy Bear Museum.

Disney themed.
Tiny teddy bears.

Aww Princess Diana bear.
I thought this was one of the cutest bears.
Outdoor section of the museum.
These polar bears look quite realistic in this pic!

The bears were adorable but I thought the admission fee was a little steep considering the museum was pretty small. After touring the museum, we walked to Lotte Hotel Jeju which was just behind.

They have a Hello Kitty themed room, I'm not a HK fan but that looks adorable!
My mum's favourite: Slot machines! She got lucky and won some money \o/
Stroll around the gardens of the hotel.
Outdoor buffet dinner

Best part of the buffet!

I loved the ice cream, fro yo with green tea!
At 8.30, guests were treated to a lights and pyrotechnic show that was pretty impressive, I think kids will really like this.
Night stroll to digest food before heading back to the guesthouse.
Look what followed me home :)
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