Thursday, March 24, 2011

Tsumori Chisato's Cat Sunglasses

I'm loving these sunglasses from Tsumori Chisato's Spring / Summer 2011 Collection!

Comes with a cute case as well XD

EDIT: You can now buy it at Tsumori Chisato Singapore store, price: SGD$460

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Coffee Stars by Dao

I've walked past this place quite a few times and have always wanted to try it out just cos it looks pretty. Finally got a chance to try it out last Saturday, I was feeling super tired after walking from 313 to Wisma lol, was still recovering from a fever ok, and needed a place to chillax.

Random pic of my Bal on the seat. First time carrying out, it's not as heavy as I thought it would be, yay!
Honey Lemon Tea for my sore throat.

It tasted horrible! It's like they accidentally added too much honey and decided to add extra lemon juice to make up for the mistake. Idk if it's supposed to taste like that, they didn't offer to change it when I complained about it, just added more hot water for me -_-

Oolong tea. Kinda meh.
Pandan coconut cake with fresh coconut. This was delicious! Also, according to the manager, they only serve a limited amount everyday.
Anyway I just read up a bit about this restaurant, apparently it is a very popular cafe/restaurant from Thailand. Although this experience was not too good, I'll definitely give this place another chance and return to try the Thai food next time.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Rebecca Black's Friday

By now, everyone should have heard of Rebecca Black's hit single "Friday", which went viral over the past week and is already on the Top 100 chart on iTunes. In the song, she ponders over what to have for breakfast and which seat in the car to take while looking forward to the weekend. In case you didn't know the order of the days in the week, this song can also help you.

I don't know what is more hilarious, the lulzy lyrics, the bad hair and make up and awkward facial expressions in the video, Rebecca Black's inability to pronounce the word 'Friday' properly or the random guy who looks at least 20 years older than everyone else randomly rapping while "cruisin'" in a car in the middle of the video. Who is he and is he cruisin' to Rebecca's party? I bet Chris Hansen has a seat picked out for him already.

If you can't get enough of this ingenious song, here's some other takes on it.

As performed by Bob Dylan, suddenly it sounds very insightful... to someone who doesn't understand English maybe lol:

And a death metal cover, FRIDAY FUCK YEAH!!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Balenciaga Nuage Rose Gold Giant Hardware City

I had some money saved up for a trip to Europe this May, but now, due to certain circumstances, it probably has to be pushed to December. I was having a really rough week so I decided to reward myself and splurge on something nice :)


I am in love with this colour! Nuage is French for cloud. I was deciding between the regular hardware and giant hardware. Regular hardware is lighter (and cheaper!), but the RGGH is so pretty, and it really compliments the blue.

I could probably have saved a couple hundred if I had ordered it online or through the European boutiques instead but I didn't want the hassle and totally needed the instant gratification of walking into the boutique and coming out with something new.

Friday, March 4, 2011

2D1N @ Hard Rock Hotel in Resort World Sentosa

Some pictures from my day @ Resort World Sentosa, it was so much fun!

Beginning of the day, breakfast at Mos Burger! Great waffles, reminds me of the ones they served in A&W.
Checking into Hard Rock Hotel. We got a room on the 6th floor.

Hard Rock Hotel
The room, click for full-size :)
View outside room.

Hard Rock Hotel

The room was pretty spacious.

Cool toiletries stand.
In Universal Studios. This is the only picture I have on my camera :P

If you're going to Universal Studios, try not to bring a bag or have any loose items like sunglasses etc on you if possible. Otherwise, you have to store your items in a locker every time you want to get on the main rides, Battlestar Galatica and Revenge Of The Mummy. The locker is free for use for 30 minutes but after that, you have to pay.

Lunch @ Chilis.

2 Step Texas Lunch Combo. Salad/Soup + Entree

Caesar Salad + Ranch Chicken Sandwich
Caesar Salad + Big Mouth Burger Bites
Potato Soup + Prawn Salad

Universal Studios closed at 7pm and there were no fireworks so we went to have dinner at Vivo City and strolled around after that.

Universal Studios

Resort World Sentosa

Resort World Sentosa

Resort World Sentosa




Hard Rock Hotel

Joël Robuchon's restaurant was still under construction. Can't wait for it to be opened!

To end the day, we went to have drinks at Hard Rock Cafe.

Pina Colada.

The bartender makes an excellent mojito!

Zacky V's guitar and shoes.

Yes, I shamelessly fangirled over these.

The next day we enjoyed some Garrett Popcorn in the comfort of the room while watching TV. They have mio Stadium, ESPN and ESPN news. Barça won their match against Valencia, 1-0, hurray!

One bad thing about the hotel was the lack of free wireless internet. I thought free internet is pretty standard in hotels nowadays.

Garrett Popcorn

At 12pm, a member of the staff had to come up and see if we were moving our asses out of the room, I guess they were fully booked.

Overall I think it was money well spent. Having a hotel room meant we could take a short nap in the afternoon before going back to play in USS and we could walk around in Resort World till late since we could just crash in the room later. And the hotel had nice, big pools. Though my crazy ass went on the slide which is actually only meant for kids and nearly died (there should be a sign!!11). Anyways this was a really nice, short getaway :D

Go to my Flickr if you wish to view the pics full size.
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