Saturday, October 29, 2011

Triple Three's Hokkaido Seafood Buffet

I've stayed away from buffets for a while cos they always cause me to overeat but with DBS offering a 1-for-1 promotion and the restaurant featuring a Hokkaido seafood theme, I just couldn't resist.

In case you forgot, it's Hokkaido Seafood night!
The meat for the king crab was super sweet! The crab claw (from unidentified crab lol) paled in comparison.
Various deep fried items. The potato with cheese croquette was super delicious, in fact, it's the best I've ever had. And as someone who absolutely loves potatoes and cheese, I've tried a lot of them.
This was my favourite item of the night! The cheese just went along so well with the fresh lobster meat. I was thinking of getting another one later but was too full in the end.
Tempura! The sweet potato was awesome.
The wagyu beef went well with the truffle sauce but would have been better if it was cooked a little more, it was a little hard to chew.
Hokkaido beef curry, some soup and chawanmushi. I loved the fish roe on the chawanmushi.
Dessert break! Yuzu and sea salt ice cream. I liked the yuzu one better, the tangy taste had me ready for another round of food.
Ramen. They let you pick want toppings you want added to the ramen, I had egg, char siew and crab. This was great too, worth the stomach space, especially the crab!
Because you can't go to a seafood buffet without trying the sashimi.
Red bean soup with mochi. The mochi had some kind of bean paste filling in them, pretty good.
Assorted desserts and some tea to aid digestion. The lumpy thing next to the pink mochi is actually rare cheesecake, and it tastes a lot better than it looks.

We paid about $90 per person and I thought it was well worth the price. I loved almost everything in the buffet, the food was great and so was the service. Definitely the best buffet I've been to so far.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

High Tea Special at Coffee Stars by Dao

UOB Ladies' Card Exclusive at Coffee Stars by Dao, a set for 2 costs $35. Without the card, I think it's $45.

Comes with 2 pots of tea.
Assorted finger sandwiches.
Selection of some of their best cakes.

Loved all the cakes here! Of the two cheesecakes, I liked the one topped with cherry best, the cherries were so sweet and juicy. And both the coconut cakes were awesome, the fresh coconut paired with the light, fluffy cake was simply heavenly.

Scones and macaroons.

Scones were soft and not too dry and I liked the buttery cream and jam given. I didn't have high expectations for the macaroons but I was pleasantly surprised by the coconut one! The shell was done just right, light and soft and the filling for the coconut one had a slight salty buttery taste to it which I quite enjoyed.

Overall I really liked the set but thought it was a bit expensive, might be cheaper to just order a few cakes and drinks to share.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Day 10 - Dragon Hill Spa, Lotteria & FAS (Fruit Alcohol Shop)

Last full day in Korea and since it was raining and we were mostly done with shopping, we decided to go for some R&R at Dragon Hill Spa.

Entrance to spa.

No photos of the inside cos basically there's naked people everywhere once you hit the locker rooms lol. Since we were not totally comfortable with walking around naked, we just changed into the shirts given and went to try out the saunas and sweating rooms. The rooms had a Egyptian theme and there was this room with a herbal smell with small nooks you could lie in.

We also chilled out in the main hall and had some eggs and tea like in those Korean dramas! There were also some heated panels on the floor and quite a few people were sleeping on them. And they weren't just closing their eyes and relaxing, they were really in a deep sleep. This one guy had his limbs all spread out and an auntie was trying to get him to move but couldn't wake him.

We didn't get to see the baths as there was a 'No Clothes Beyond This Point' sign in front of the stairs leading to them.

For lunch, we went back to the spicy rice cakes shop in Anguk again! This time we had ramyeon instead of glass noodles.

Back to Myeongdong station for the last time...

Shared a Lotteria meal for dinner. There was a Lotteria just downstairs of the hotel but somehow we didn't try it till the last night of our trip and we totally regretted it cos it was friggin delicious! This Lady Hanwoo Burger, a smaller version of the Hanwoo Burger, was probably the best fast food burger I've ever had.

Since it was our last night in Korea, we decided to have some drinks at F.A.S. (Fruit Alcohol Shop) which was within walking distance of the hotel, too (have I mentioned that I love the hotel?)!

Apple Makgeolli with some complimentary snacks!
Pineapple Soju. I loved this one! It was sweeter than the makgeolli.
Unexpectedly huge platter of some fried seafood thing.

We were glad to find they had an English menu, so ordering was no problem. We definitely over ordered a little, well a lot lol. There was about 2 litres of alcohol to be shared between the two of us. But I thought it wasn't too expensive, the makgeolli and soju cost about 12,000 each and the huge seafood thing was ₩25,000.

Got a little drunk and went back to the hotel to soak in the bathtub before bed, overall it was one of the best days in Seoul!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Coco Ichibanya

I was really excited when I read that Coco Ichibanya had opened an outlet in Singapore. I wanted to try it when I was in Japan but somehow I didn't pass by any of the many branches they have there! The funny thing is I couldn't find it although I was keeping a lookout for it over in Japan but I passed by one while just randomly strolling in Myeongdong in Seoul at night, go figure.

The place was packed and there was a line outside when we went at lunch time on Tuesday, probably due to the 30% discount opening special, but we didn't have to wait long thanks to the efficient staff. One guy in particularly was running around, taking orders, serving the customers and speedily clearing the tables once the customers had left so the next group could go in, I was impressed.

Place was quite small with limited seating, but pretty sure they will open new branches soon given the response :D

Cream Mushroom Omelette ($13). You can't choose the level of spiciness for this dish but it was just as well, any spicier and it might not have been as good. The cream on top of the mushrooms just complemented the omelette and the curry so well, I couldn't get enough of this dish, absolutely delicious.

Pork Cutlet Curry with Cheese ($14): As a cheese lover, I was looking forward to trying out the curry with cheese but I didn't like this. It was a bit too salty for my tastes, and the pork cutlet tasted kinda bland and tough in comparison. It wasn't too bad, but not something I would order again.

We only tried Level 1 spiciness, but already it was a little spicy for me lol, I would compare it the McSpicy level of spiciness. Both tables beside me had Level 5, but they didn't seem to have any trouble finishing.

For $2.50, you can add 2 sides to your meal, we chose a Iced Milk Tea and an ice cream.

Ice cream was pretty good actually, not the typical cheap stuff, topped with bits of fruit and a wafer, it was a nice way to end the meal.

After discount, we paid $28 for our meal. The 30% discount period is over but there'll be a 10% discount till November iirc, so I'll definitely be back for more curry!!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

O My Dog @ Great World City

Bought a Groupon for the new place O My Dog at Great World City and decided to go try it out today!

3 steps for ordering:

Closer look.
No seats but there a counter for you to eat at.
Ang Mo Classic
Truffle fries, I just love the smell of truffle.

Owned by the same group that brought us Skinny Pizza, O My Dog's buns are baked fresh daily and sauces are made from scratch. The sausage is made from gourmet grain fed meat rather than processed meat so it is a healthier alternative than your typical fast food.

I really liked the Ang Mo Classic, really very old school with the BBQ sauce and cheddar, reminded me of nachos. Magic Mushroom was great with the beef sausage but could have used more cheese! You can't never have too much cheese. Ever.

I think the price is quite okay considering that even the sauce is made from scratch. It was also great that the food was made to order however, it did make the waiting time extra long! Hotdogs for the customers sitting in Skinny Pizza were also served out of the little van so that added to the waiting time. But most people seemed to know about the wait time cause most of them wandered off to the shops after ordering rather than standing around with the n00bs.

Would definitely return to try out Ace For Apple, apple sauce and brie... sounds like a winning combination to me!
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