Friday, October 25, 2013

Thor: The Dark World

Haven't blogged for a while but I'm dying to win complimentary passes to catch Marvel’s Thor: The Dark World premiere so here I am again ehehehe.

Brother vs Brother

They say that 'a hero is only as good as his villain' and I believe 'Thor' has one of the best villains. Loki, the charismatic God of Mischief and the younger brother of the film's hero, Thor. One of the things I really liked about the first movie was the relationship between the brothers and how Loki's brotherly affection for Thor turned into hatred when he learned of his true parentage.You can't help but sympathise with him even as he descends into villainy. His whole life has been a life. His belief that Thor was their father's favourite has been validated by Odin's confession. Tom Hiddleston played the character to perfection. I was partially rooting for Loki by the end of the movie. It helped that he was hot ;)

Looking like a prince out of a Disney movie.
Planning shenanigans of a sinister nature but still looking hot hot HAAAWT. Very Vogue tbh.

I really hope Loki will redeem himself in Thor: The Dark World, unlikely as it may be.

I remember Loki didn't even appear in one of the first trailers they released of the movie and I literally screamed when he appeared at the end because:

Dat fabulous hair lol
If I had Mjolnir for a day I would do this tbh:

It made me laugh so much when Thor placed Mjolnir on Loki to keep him in place. It's such a brotherly thing to do. I can imagine Thor doing this whenever Loki was being an annoying little brother lol.

No but seriously, since I can't get close enough to Loki to place Mjolnir on him and have my way with him, if I had Mjolnir for the day I would use it to fly myself to Japan for a holiday. Imagine that, a free trip! But since I don't have Thor's upper body strength I would probably fall into the ocean while flying across the border lol.


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