Sunday, December 15, 2013

Nana's Green Tea Weekday Lunch Set

Nana's Green Tea Weekday Lunch Set is really value for money. For $13.90 you get a main course plus a matcha drink of your choice (up to $8.00). It seemed too good to be true, the main course items itself cost about $15! And you get a $8.00 drink on top of that WHAT.

I couldn't believe it, I even checked with the staff to make sure I didn't somehow misread the promo (lol @ me).

Nana's Green Tea

Nana's Green Tea
My fave, the very expensive unagi ^_^
Nana's Green Tea

Nana's Green Tea
Our drinks, topped with whipped cream and kuromitsu. ~heaven~

Nana's Green Tea's specialty is of course their matcha drinks and desserts. The main courses kinda pale in comparison, but for $13.90 per set, I'm not complaining!

*puts on Arnold voice* I'll be back.

Balenciaga Ultraviolet Mini Twiggy

The Purse Forum is a really evil place. I haven't visited the forum in a while, but for some reason I went back one day and the next thing I knew, I had my eye set on the new Ultraviolet Mini Twiggy.

I couldn't get it out of my mind, I had to have it. Went to the SG store but they didn't have stocks available and I actually had to order one directly from the George V boutique myself.

Balenciaga Ultraviolet Mini Twiggy
My dog just had to get in the shot. When I'm trying to take a photo of him, he shies away. When I'm trying to get a photo of other stuff...
Balenciaga Ultraviolet Mini Twiggy

Balenciaga Ultraviolet Mini Twiggy

Isn't she a beauty? *heart eyes*

Next on my list: Givenchy Pandora or Nightingale muahahaha

/no shame

Samantha Thavasa Bear Bag Charm

Christmas is around the corner and I am so tempted to buy a Samantha Thavasa bag, to, y'know, reward myself and all. This working and studying part-time is really taking its toll on me. I feel like a zombie half the time. But now the exam is over, I'm fairly sure I'm going to do well, so it's time for some retail therapy!

Since I already have so many bags, I couldn't justify buying a new purse. Decided to buy a bag charm instead, to give one of my bags a new look.

Samantha Thavasa Bear Bag Charm

Samantha Thavasa Bear Bag Charm

Samantha Thavasa Bear Bag Charm

Damage = SGD70.00

Friday, October 25, 2013

Thor: The Dark World

Haven't blogged for a while but I'm dying to win complimentary passes to catch Marvel’s Thor: The Dark World premiere so here I am again ehehehe.

Brother vs Brother

They say that 'a hero is only as good as his villain' and I believe 'Thor' has one of the best villains. Loki, the charismatic God of Mischief and the younger brother of the film's hero, Thor. One of the things I really liked about the first movie was the relationship between the brothers and how Loki's brotherly affection for Thor turned into hatred when he learned of his true parentage.You can't help but sympathise with him even as he descends into villainy. His whole life has been a life. His belief that Thor was their father's favourite has been validated by Odin's confession. Tom Hiddleston played the character to perfection. I was partially rooting for Loki by the end of the movie. It helped that he was hot ;)

Looking like a prince out of a Disney movie.
Planning shenanigans of a sinister nature but still looking hot hot HAAAWT. Very Vogue tbh.

I really hope Loki will redeem himself in Thor: The Dark World, unlikely as it may be.

I remember Loki didn't even appear in one of the first trailers they released of the movie and I literally screamed when he appeared at the end because:

Dat fabulous hair lol
If I had Mjolnir for a day I would do this tbh:

It made me laugh so much when Thor placed Mjolnir on Loki to keep him in place. It's such a brotherly thing to do. I can imagine Thor doing this whenever Loki was being an annoying little brother lol.

No but seriously, since I can't get close enough to Loki to place Mjolnir on him and have my way with him, if I had Mjolnir for the day I would use it to fly myself to Japan for a holiday. Imagine that, a free trip! But since I don't have Thor's upper body strength I would probably fall into the ocean while flying across the border lol.


Catch Marvel’s Thor: The Dark World” in Singapore cinemas this 31 October 2013! For more updates, like the Official Marvel’s Thor: The Dark World Singapore Facebook Page, and subscribe to the Official Marvel Singapore YouTube Channel!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Random picture lol. Just got Photoshop on my new computer and downloaded some new fonts to try.

Anyways, it was my birthday last month so I bought a whole lot of crap for myself. I think the combination of it being my birthday month and stressing out over work and studies had me rewarding myself excessively. I mean, YOLO amirite?! Photos to come soon. Maybe.

Friday, July 5, 2013

MGM Grand Sanya (Hainan)

Sharing some pics of my stay at MGM Grand Sanya back in April :)

Beds are not as comfy as Sheraton's beds (duh) but chose to stay at the MGM as it was one of the newer hotels. Also, the cab driver had no idea what I meant when I said "MGM hotel," I had to give him the Chinese name of the hotel. I would have thought it was easily understood since MGM is just like alphabets put together?

The hotel's private beach. Sounds so posh, amirite? Each of the hotels along that strip on Yalong Bay has its own private beach. In fact, I think you actually have to pay to enter the beach on Yalong Bay, not unusual in Sanya, where you have to pay for practically everything. Pay to enter an attraction, pay more to use a facility in the attraction, you get my drift. But you can avoid paying by strolling into one of the hotels and entering the beach through the hotel.

Sunset from the room.

Went out to La Floret, the only mall within walking distance of the hotel, for dinner.

Pork (?) dumplings.

Ordered pork dumplings but it tasted and smelled like mutton? Did not want it to go to waste so just ate it and prayed it wasn't dog meat or something lol.

Nothing except a supermarket and restaurants in La Floret, so went back to the hotel after dinner.

Anyone fancy a late night dip in the sea? ;)

Next morning, my favorite part about staying in a hotel, the breakfast buffet!!!

Mmmm, carbs...

2 of my favorite things, waffles and pancakes, right next to each other. I gasped. The waffles were heavenly. And they even had CINNAMON BUTTER to go along with it. *crying* I need to have this again :'(

WTF they even had my favoritest dessert ever, bread pudding, are they trying to kill me? Most perfect breakfast buffet EVER! I think I ate a whole week's worth of breakfast here.

The stay cost about $300 a night but I think it's highly worth staying for at least one night. It was the highlight of the trip for me. Everything else was meh in comparison.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Alexander Wang Rockie in Latte with Rose Gold

Hello! I feel like I haven't blogged in forever.

*checks date* Ok, so about 2 months.

*checks stats* Not much of a change... I guess no one cares lol

Well, whether anyone cares or not, for the past week or so I've been obsessing over this:

Alexander Wang's Rockie!

My sis was actually the one who wanted this purse, but I went to the store at Hilton with her and fell in love with it.

Went home, looked up more pictures online, and you can guess what happened next...

Alexander Wang Rockie in Latte with Rose Gold

Alexander Wang Rockie in Latte with Rose Gold

Alexander Wang Rockie in Latte with Rose Gold

It's a smaller version of the Rocco, and also much lighter, making it, dare I say, more practical. Well, as practical as a purse with some heavy ass, purely for aesthetic purposes studs can be. Tbf, it's actually not as heavy as you would think when you carry it on one shoulder. It's pretty roomy, but I wouldn't be putting too much stuff in it.

After carrying it out all weekend, I'm officially in love with it! Gahhh. More pictures to come ;)
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