Sunday, August 19, 2012

Current Running Playlist

Sharing my current playlist. I'm always looking for new songs to add to my playlist to inject more ~excitement~ into my run, so please leave me a comment if you have any suggestions for me :)

1. Woodkid - Run Boy Run

Gets me pumped!

2. Kat Deluna - Drop It Low


Booty popping song.

3. Havana Brown - We Run The Night (ft. Pitbull)

Mr Worldwide!!!!!!111

4. 2NE1 - I Am The Best

Ratatata tatatatata~

5. Foo Fighters - Walk

Great song to run to, despite the name.

6. M.I.A. - Bad Girls

Live fast, die young.

7. Katy Perry - Part Of Me

I feel like one of dem Marines in the video when this song comes on lol

8. Jay-Z & Kanye West - Ni**as In Paris


9. Glee Cast - It's Not Right But It's Okay

10. Juno Reactor vs Don Davis - Navras (Matrix OST)

getting chased by Agent Smith tbh

Sunday Brunch @ Oriole Cafe

Available from 10 am - 3 pm on Sundays!

Thinking that there might be a lot of people there today, we tried to go down earlier for some brunch. Tried being the operative word here. Ended up reaching at 12 pm but there wasn't a crowd anyway which was great. Got shown to a seat once we got there.

And then I realized that I left my camera's battery at home. I took it out of the camera to charge it last night in preparation for today and then I forgot to put it back in when I was tossing the camera into my bag #FML

So yeah, here's some iPhone pictures.

BIG Breakfast ($24): minute steak, egg, ham, sausage, mushrooms, potato wedges and tomato relish.

You can tell from the capitalized 'BIG' that they mean srs bsnss. This mega breakfast item was served in an iron pan. This is the first time I've had a steak served with my breakfast. It was kinda dry by itself but tasted pretty good together with the tomato relish which was awesome!

Buttermilk hotcakes ($9.50): served with bananas, caramel and fresh cream.

As someone whose preferred way to eat pancakes is to have them soaked, to the point of oversaturation, in syrup, I was not a big fan of this. Or maybe I should have just asked if I could have extra syrup.

Chilli Chocolate Mocha ($6): Double ristretto, fresh chilli juice, chocolate & steamed milk.

I don't usually drink coffee, it has the opposite effect on me that it has on most people. But it doesn't seem right to come here and not try their award winning coffee so I decided to order this. They served it with a cinnamon stick to use as a stirrer. It was pretty damn good :]

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Shokudo - Japanese Coffee House @ Bugis Junction

1) Teriyaki Chicken Don Hot Stone Set - $16 iirc

Pretty generous serving of chicken and it tasted pretty good, too! Also, the pan seared scallops were awesome.

2) Pasta in a cream sauce served with Tsukune skewers - $13

Loved the sauce, it was just right, not too heavy. And I like that it was served with tsukune, nicely drizzled over with a teriyaki sauce. It's official, I'm in love with Japanese style western cuisine.

3) Azuki Cheesecake served witch Matcha ice cream - $8

This was actually one of the recommended items on the menu so we decided to give it a try despite being tempted by the chocolate banana waffles. The first few bites, I was deeply disappointed, it seemed that the red bean totally overwhelmed the flavor of the cheese. But after a while, the flavor of the cheese did come through and the cake went pretty well with the ice cream. It was all right, but I will try something else next time.

Friday, August 3, 2012

5 Reasons to Watch TEEN WOLF

Sharing my new obsession...

1. The Story

Like month ago this show wasn't even a blip on my radar and now I live for the new eps every week, and I don't know how I'm going to survive the wait for season 3 once this season is over.

I honestly thought this was going to be another one of those insufferable shows featuring dumb teens with some werewolves thrown in just to jump in on the Twilight bandwagon.

I wonder what gave me that idea...

But people were raving about it so I decided to give it a shot, since Supernatural has pretty much turned to shit after season 5. Even if it wasn't good, I could just enjoy the hot guys + shirtless-ness. I mean, I'm already only watching Pretty Little Liars cos I like the way they style the main characters (it was pretty good in S1 but now I couldn't care less if the characters all died in an avalanche tbh).

And shit, the story is actually really good.

  • There's a few good twists to keep things interesting. (Not giving away any spoilers here.)
  • Actual continuity. Probably not that surprising, but after watching the disaster that is Glee, this is a welcome change. The writer actually has the story planned out from day 1 and the story doesn't feel like it was written in between the commercial breaks (Ugh, Glee...).
  • Humor. So. Many. LOL. Moments. It kinda reminds me of the first two seasons of Supernatural, a mix of humor, horror & suspense and the relationships between the characters. Although strangely the main ship of the show is not the one the writers probably meant for us to be shipping.
  • The characters are well-written and not one-dimensional. My fave character is Jackson. Despite being the typical douche-y jock guy - popular, captain of the lacrosse team, parents are rich, drives a Porsche - he still insecure and feels he's not good enough (cos he found out that he was adopted) and therefore wants to receive the bite from the Alpha. I think it's interesting that he has practically everything but can't have the one thing he wants more than anything. On the other hand, Scott, who was kind of a loser in high school before and had nothing, never asked for the bite but got bit.
  • Characters don't do things that make you want to bash your head against the wall (I'm looking at you, PLL and The Walking Dead...). Well, with the possible exception of Scott, but he's more of a dumb puppy, and he does get called out on his dumbassery.

... and then you end up actually caring about the characters...

2. The Music

They use some really good songs that are not really mainstream on here and they use it well. I discovered some new bands after watching this, so yay.

A very helpful soundtrack list here. They even have the scene description so that's really helpful.

This is my current jam right here: Boom Boom

3. The Menz

Totally shallow but legit reason to watch the show.

They don't have enough budget for shirts on this show. Not that anyone is complaining.

Even the dad is a total DILF. Also yay for badass!Allison (finally).

4. The Cast

This show has the most adorable cast.

Season 1 Bloopers:

A contest winner who won a walk-on role on the show:

The cast were so sweet to her!

At first I couldn't stand the character Scott, but after watching the interviews of the actor that plays him and seeing how he's literally a Scott irl, I find the character endearing tbh.

^ Tyler singing along to Call Me Maybe at the TCA, lol he's so into it.

Also, the Ustream before each ep (I think) hosted by Holland Roden, Lydia After Dark, is super adorable.

5. Homoerotic Moments (aka Sterek)

Ok when I first started watching, I didn't really see why people would ship Sterek, I mean, yah the two would be really hot together, but in the context of the show, it just didn't really make sense to me, I mean, they hated each other and didn't even have that many scenes together.

But it all makes sense now...


Derek getting all protective (。♥‿♥。)

On the show...
...between takes.

Their characters just work so well together. Stiles the goofy, hyperactive and deadly loyal friend with no brain-to-mouth filter and Derek, the stoic, emotionally constipated sourwolf with trust issues.

They're polar opposites personality wise and I guess that's what makes their scenes so fun to watch. The way Derek interacts with Stiles is just different from how he interacts with the other characters on the show. Jeff Davis, please to be writing more scenes with the two of them together.

What's not to love about the virginal, twinky geek and older, handsome, broody guy pairing? Shipping it like Fedex tbh.

Even the actors ship it...

In conclusion, if you're not already watching, give this show a shot, the first 2 seasons are only 12 episodes each and they just got confirmed for Season 3 which will be 24 episode OH YEAH!

*This took much longer than I expected, wat is my life.
 Images credit to the people on Tumblr who made them :3
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